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Opening in London on the eve of war in August 1939, and climaxing on the first night of the blitz in September 1940, Innocence To Die For is rooted in the historic realities of the period, mingling historical and fictional characters in its tale of love, deceit and espionage.


Played out against the panorama of the phoney war, Dunkirk, the fall of France, and the threat of German invasion, Innocence To Die For is also a story of innocence subverted in the interests of survival, family, and a country under attack from within and without.


Peter’s Hill's love for Dinah, an enigmatic, compelling Jewish émigré from the borderlands of Eastern Europe, draws him into hidden territory of Soviet espionage. In a vicious personal conflict with the Russians and their Whitehall agents, he must take leave of his comfortable world, its order and decency, to make his way through an unfamiliar landscape of duplicity, treachery and violence. At the same time, he must fight for his country in the teeth of an unstoppable German onslaught.


As Peter takes on these challenges, Innocence To Die For offers an unsparing portrait of the fall of France and how a militarily weak, politically uncertain and socially divided Britain then faced the threat of invasion by triumphant German forces. 


Peter Hill's story continues in 'Death With Innocence'

In the moments of intense blackness that followed a flash, he stepped into a narrow mews, standing just inside the gateway by the first cottage.  With another flash, he saw Steiner pass the entrance, then pause, his right hand at his side, the barrel of the silenced pistol along his trouser seam. 
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